Motivated staff thrive on a clear vision, values they can relate to, equality and consistency.

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Quality Assurance Model

At EEEA we believe that there is never a problem without a solution or potential opportunities. We focus on engaging our collective strengths to address any areas of weakness.

We are passionate about evaluation and reflection and we support each other by bringing fresh eyes and perspectives to every context. We encourage each individual to be engaged with yourself, to stay inspired and focused on their own learning journey.

Enrich Each Other

At the core of enrichment is our capacity to extend beyond our current limits and boundaries. To enrich is to:

Collectively innovate and share and develop ideas together. We do this informally and formally with a mindset of ‘What can we do differently to progress and develop?’. Through Innovation Open Forums we create the opportunity for ideas to be sparked and co-developed. To grow is to try new things and we value a culture where people feel supported, and able to take risks and try new things.

Leverage Best of All: EEEA is a group of schools with diverse talent and contexts. Everyone is different but we come together to enrich the greater community. One size doesn’t fit all and we appreciate different contexts bring diverse requirements. From this we seek inspiration and ideas to develop solutions for each context and to ensure the best of what we know is applied across the group.

Lead from any chair: At EEEA we believe in leading from any chair. This means that everyone in the community has the freedom to shape and influence our community in positive and meaningful ways.

Connect: We inspire and challenge each other through Peer Development Initiatives. We value reflection and evaluation and create a positive and enriching context to develop. We support each other by bringing fresh eyes and perspective. Through a united and supportive environment where we have courage and honesty we succeed together.

High Quality Professional Development: Our focused professional development programmes recognise that to inspire learners we need to invest in our staff. We have a proven track record with NQTs and their retention. We create bespoke career paths and recognise that all staff need to be given opportunities to reflect and evaluate. Our developing coaching programmes provide every member of our community to recognise their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Leadership Development

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

Our culture is developed across a range of settings by ensuring that we recruit staff that are committed to excellence. Whilst every organisation will state the same ambition the element that makes us different is the ability to recognise potential at an early stage. Our staff are passionate, positive and pro-active.

All our staff are potential future leaders and are committed to ‘life-long learning’. We use a range of leadership programmes and our appraisal system is very clear and sets expectations for excellence and links this to pay progression. Combining ambition, challenging discussions and pay decisions enables us to thrive. Central to this process is recognising the uniqueness of each individual and mapping career paths with our staff.


This process has led to a range of development paths, a cohesive team and an understanding that there are never problems, just opportunities. We are an emotionally intelligent organisation and we use coaching to evaluate the difference we all make to a child’s life.

Leadership and Talent Management

Our leadership matrix focuses on talent and growth. Whilst every organisation has key roles and responsibilities we work with schools where there are high levels of trust at every level. Every element of our organisation is essential and everyone plays a key role in helping foster and develop the hopes and dreams of our children.

We are one big family. Just like families we have differences, which we embrace, but we are all bound by our central vision of excellence and collaboration. All schools within our trust have a clear commitment to collaboration and ‘teamship’.

Teamship within our Trust recognises and develops the qualities in all people. It enables us to understand that together we can achieve excellence. Teamship helps every individual comprehend that they all have a specific role to play and that our behaviour impacts on the success or failure of our actions.
As an organisation we expect upon the following behaviours of all our leaders:

Leadership behaviours and values

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

What do these values mean?

  • Trust:                           To be able to rely upon each other
  • Respect:                      To appreciate and celebrate each others beliefs
  • Positivity:                     To look for solutions and celebrate success
  • Creativity:                    To turn ideas into reality
  • Responsibility:            To make sure things get done
  • Collaboration:             To work together to benefit all
  • Integrity:                      To be honest to make a positive difference

Our core principles we expect from all leaders

Leadership Principles:

  • To be strategic not operational
  • To recognise the importance of relationships
  • To do the right thing
  • To be honest and open
  • To collaborate and not compete
  • To unlock and develop a capacity in staff
  • To believe that nothing is impossible

Language of culture:

  • Collaboration not competition
  • No excuse no compromise
  • Believe to achieve

EEEA Documents

As a charitable company limited by guarantee, Engage Enrich Excel Academies is defined by a number of key documents.

These key documents include; Articles of Association, Schemes of Delegation and Funding Agreements. In addition, the Trust is required to make public its accounts which are audited annually.

To access these and other important EEEA documents, click on the links below:

EEEA Policies

Engage Enrich Excel Academies believes that School Leaders must be highly focused on developing and celebrating teaching and learning. To increase the capacity of School Leaders the Trust supports each school with clear up to date policies.

Consistency and continuity is key driver for the success of the Trust. The following policies have been developed to ensure consistency across our schools and our workforce.

EEEA Pensions Discretions policy 2017


There are 3 aspects to our Trust governance, members, directors and local governing bodies.

The members are like our shareholders, the directors drive the organisations strategy and the local governing bodies ensure that each individual school retains its ethos and standards.

Not every school will have a representative on the Directors board but a representative is not needed to have an influence. Every headteacher sits on the ‘Excellence Board’, every headteacher has a key role, thus enhancing the groups capacity. This group will be based on high quality teaching and results, and will be pro-active with monitoring and development.

Directors of the Trust

Members of the Trust

  • Steve Barker
  • Joanna Brill
  • David Camp

Directors Bio’s

Joanna Brill is a professionally trained coach and trainer with over 10 years’ experience working with executive, business and life coaching clients from around the world. After a 10 year career as a marketing communications professional in telecoms and investment management she successfully certified as a coach and has run her own coaching and training practice since.

Joanna has trained many managers to develop their own leadership and coaching skills. She also works with the Surrey Based Youth Charity, Eikon supporting their initiatives for the development of resilience and emotional well-being for all young people in Surrey.

Joanna previously served as Chair of Governors for Ravenscote school and is currently the Chair of Directors for EEEA. She is a mother to two teenaged children and passionate about improving outcomes and opportunities for all children in the Trust.

David is a National Leader of Education (NLE) and has extensive experience in education. David has over 18 years’ experience in senior leadership in different settings. David has completed the NPQH and the Professional Qualification for Schools Inspectors. David is a highly experienced Lead Inspector for Ofsted and enables David to understand the key components of highly effective teaching and learning.

David has been a headteacher in two different settings. David has taken a school from special measures to good with outstanding features. David works with school leaders to empower them to drive and embed positive change. As an NLE and National Support School David and his team have worked with over ten schools, locally and nationally, to improve outcomes and build leadership capacity. David’s current school is graded outstanding and his leadership was recently described as ‘innovative, passionate and inspirational’.

David has a passion for running and has completed a couple of marathons, including the London Marathon. When David is not running he enjoys watching and coaching rugby.

David is the CEO of Engage Enrich Excel Academies and is working with the board to build a primary trust built on trust, support and corporate responsibility. David is passionate about education and is passionate about improving the hopes and dreams of every child, employee and family connected with EEEA.

David a is a very experienced senior executive and his career covers a range of multinational businesses across the industrial sectors. This includes over 25 years’ experience at Board level. He has a track record of delivering performance improvement.

He is a qualified accountant and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has been Finance Director of organisations with revenue in excess of £750m.

David is an expert in change management and has led broad programmes to implement corporate wide organisational change, often in the context of post-merger integration. He recently completed an MBA which focussed on strategic change management.

He has for many years led mergers and acquisitions activity (M&A) with an extensive list of completed transactions around the world.

David has also has a deep knowledge of Procurement, HR, IT and Risk Management having been responsible for these functions and teams.

He is now focusing on Non-Executive and advisory work and is a Board member of the Single Source Regulations Office which regulates Ministry of Defence procurement.

David’s motivation for being involved in EEEA is to bring the benefit of his skills and experience to an ambitious organisation committed to improving educational outcomes.

Nathan has spent the last 25 years working as a Venture Capital investor and entrepreneur. He has set up, invested in, sat on the boards of and worked with a wide range of high growth companies from start ups to large international businesses. Some of these did fairly well and have become successful household names, and whilst he wouldn’t claim any credit for their success, he observes and learned a lot from his mistakes and other people’s achievements about the challenges of developing organisations and teams as they grew.

Since 2010 Nathan has been exclusively working with businesses that are specifically seeking to make a positive impact on society. He is Managing Partner of Nesta Impact Investments, one of the leading social enterprise investors in the UK supporting start up businesses active in the fields of education, health and sustainability. Nathan has a particular interest in innovation in Education; Nesta is currently Europe’s most active start up education technology investor and Nathan is additionally on the Board of Emerge Education, Europe’s leading ed-tech accelerator program.

He has learned about some of the practical aspects of education through seeing his two daughters’ experience of school. They were lucky to have some amazing teachers and support during their time in education and he is proud to admit that as a result both are smarter than he is. One is currently working in an orphanage and school in South Africa, planning to train as a primary school teacher next year and the other is in sixth form working out how she is going to change the world.

In the very distant past Nathan was an engineer and played with model aeroplanes in wind tunnels before he became a chartered accountant and got boring. When he is not working Nathan spends too much of his time playing (and sometimes building) stringed instruments, particularly banjos, of which his wife claims he has too many, sometimes riding his bikes (ditto) and when it rains, trying to remain upright in his kayak, (not all at the same time).

Tom is a Solicitor specialising in Corporate & Commercial, Dispute Resolution, and Property Law.
Having been an Associate Partner with a Legal 100 Firm, Tom then established in partnership and now a Consultant Solicitor with a firm based in Camberley.
He has lived in the local area since 1970, and married with two teenage children.
Tom served as a Governor of Ravenscote Junior School since 2012 and took up the appointment as a Director of the Academy Trust in 2014.
Keith is a Director at CGI with over 25 years’ experience of successful project, programme and bid management which is built on a solid foundation of people, financial and risk management skills. Keith has previously employed his skills and experience to good effect as a Governor at Ravenscote Junior School, being part of the journey to achieve the Outstanding Ofsted rating, through taking on roles of ICT Governor, Chair of Buildings and Finance, Vice-chair and Chair of the Full Governing Body.
With two daughters now at secondary school, Keith has seen the impact that excellent Primary education has on the development of children, their preparation for the next step in education and their place in the community. Keith believes that every child deserves this opportunity and hopes to achieve this through EEEA.
In his spare time, Keith tries to play golf, is a UK Athletics qualified Field Judge and likes to spend as much time in the garden as possible.

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